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Posted By Nicole Pore on 03/11/2019

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Very Cautious When Shopping Online

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Very Cautious When Shopping Online

Online shopping is very convenient to shoppers, especially for those who are really busy, those who have not much time to go to the mall and buy the things they want or need. Just with your smartphone, laptop or personal computer and a few taps and clicks, you can already look for and purchase products which you can also see in physical stores. 

Many are already into online shopping because of the many advantages it offers. Despite that however, there are also reasons why you must be very cautious if you are shopping online. Here are 3 reasons why:


One of the challenges when it comes to ordering products online is that you are not very sure whether the photo posted on the online shopping page or site is exactly similar to the product on-hand. 

It’s really unfortunate for some shoppers who experienced receiving an inaccurate product. It means that the picture posted is like the basis of the “imitated” product if it turns out to be just an imitation. It’s very sad because you’ve been waiting for the product to arrive and expecting to get a really good one, but because of a faulty product, you end up disappointed. 

Sometimes, the differences between the products are also not obvious so you need to be very meticulous when it comes to checking and double checking if you have been shipped the right thing. You can ask the seller politely or can leave a relevant review on their social media pages and if possible, on the online shopping site itself.


When you go online shopping, you need to give out some of your significant identification information. Your personal details are necessary, so that sellers will determine if you are a legitimate buyer and to know where they should deliver your order and how to reach and communicate with you.

There’s a crucial need to be very alert when it comes to giving out your information because many cases of identity theft were reported in the past. The innocent customers’ identities are used for some illegal acts and improper transactions. Sometimes, those identities are even used to harass someone online. 

It’s very dangerous for the victimized customers because they’re the ones blamed for something they have no idea about. Their reputation can turn very messy with their stolen identities’ on-going activities. Sometimes, the name or the IDs of the customer submitted to the seller are used by the deceitful sellers as a “proof” for themselves, so that they’d be concealed and the name of the victim is put under the spotlight.  

This is why you must be very good at discerning and finding out that the online seller is trustworthy and authentic. There are many signs. Keep your eyes wide open. Let your senses work by feeling if anything is suspicious. Scrutinize the information that the online shopping site is asking from you. There might be tricks and traps that let you provide confidential information.


There are many scammers that have spread over the online shopping business. That’s why many people are very hesitant and afraid of trying to order online. Reports about shoppers who have been stolen thousands of money because of online shopping are surely worth the hesitation actually, so you need to be sure that you’re not transacting with a scammer. 

The goal of scammers is to earn trust from the customer and eventually earn their money without giving them what they ordered but instead leaving them clueless and without any word. As you have heard from the news, scammers can’t be reached through calls and messages after the payment has been made before the shipping of the products. That’s why you must be very detail-oriented when it comes to shopping online and paying before the product shipping. 

Read policies completely and carefully. Don’t just skip and agree to terms. If possible, choose Cash on Delivery (COD) services to make sure that even if the products were not delivered, still, you lost not even a cent from your wallet. 

If you encounter sellers who are suspicious with their payment terms, maybe pressuring you to pay immediately, be on your guard and do more research about the online shopping site or page. Read real reviews. Check the authorization of the online seller. 



Online shopping is helpful, but just like anything, it has risks for the customers. Many people take advantage of online shopping’s booming industry and profitable business to unjustly take money from innocent online shoppers. 

Put your guards up when you’re shopping online. Don’t be very complacent even when you’ve been ordering in the same shop for more than once. Always be observant and clever. Enjoy online shopping while being wise and safe! 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. 

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