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Posted By Pawan Sharma on 01/08/2019

Islamic Marriage Requirements With Stringent Nikah Terms

Islamic Marriage Requirements With Stringent Nikah Terms

Islam is one of the prominent religion with beautiful aspect of keeping the Purdah and carrying the name of the Supreme God Allah with considering Prophet as the biggest propagator. If the religion is knocking on the next best pedestal it is because of the people who still consider faith bigger than anything else in life. Now, talking about the Islamic marriage requirements the person could understand that it is one of the stringent requirements which needs to be considered by both man and woman in the marriage where the word is “Nikah” thus helping the man and woman to remain pious in character.

Marriage is considered both a social agreement and a legal contract. The Nikahnama is a legal document signed in the presence of an Islamic Jidge who is Imam or the trusted community elder and he keeps the responsibility of The Islamic marriage requirements a private affair. The marriage contract conditions are done in the name of Allah and it is very much a conditional agreement from the consent of both the members of Bride and Groom family. The consent cannot be identified unless it gets the certification by the Muslim Personal Law Board for marriage which can be based in the nearest Mosque or any other office.

Mehr is the term which can be considered a dowry but in the other way where the person from the groom pays to the bride an amount which is asked from the bride. https://www.punjabiwedding.com It can be cash, property papers or jewelry all according to the valuable assets possessed by the groom’s side and in case if there is any divorce in marriage then the groom’s side has to payback the mentioned Mehr to the groom’s family. The prenuptial contract after signed by the bride and groom is also signed by two witnesses making it the paper verified before becoming it as a contract.

With the legal paper signed and the marriage date defined the various marriage affairs happens and thus the people in both the families come together to get unified as a family and the marriage arrangement takes place. Both the people who are the Husband and Wife come together to make the marriage a systematic thought which prevails for a long time to come in life. In the presence of the family members the beautiful bride marries the groom and the tradition of love, loyalty and laughter continues in life.

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