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Posted By on 12/13/2018

Shopping Items For A Telugu Wedding Is Different

Shopping Items For A Telugu Wedding Is Different

Telugu weddings are known for its color, fun and grandeur! The typical Telugu wedding is packed with yards of fun and culture. Be it any wedding ceremony, the participation and exuberance of the circle of relative’s subjects the most and you can without difficulty revel in that in a Telugu wedding ceremony.

Wedding shopping list:-

A metal plate to hold the rice, deep with flame and small icons of the gods

Rice to throw into the fire


Deep with wick and oil (also have matches to light it)

Kum kum to apply tikka

Painted nuts/stones for the wedding ceremony (in some traditions)

Rings to be exchanged

A priest

dhoop (cone incense)




Images of the gods (Ganesh and Laxmi for sure)

Rose water


Telugu Weddings are most popular in South Indian culture. http://www.nriwedding.com/ It's best to ask your priest what he wants at the ceremony for engagement pre-wedding and wedding ceremony .

Telugu Bride’s Shopping list


Face wash

Soap and shampoo – in case you have to have a bath after some of the rituals

Makeup remover

Lipstick for touch up

Lip balm – your lips are likely to get dry often


Chocolate/toffee – You won’t get to eat proper food too frequently and might be on a fast for some time at least.


Medicines for headache/acidity/diarrhea/stomach ache etc.

Sweat pads

Safety pins of multiple sizes

Saree pins

Needle and thread

Feviqwik or Fevicol – if something in your poolajada or stones from your saree/blouse fall off




Coconut oil – might come in handy during pellikuturu or other rituals.

Phone and charger

Small mirror

Other makeup – keep this as standby in case the parlor lady forgets something or if your skin is allergy prone

Picture of the look – to show the makeup lady in case you have a specific look in mind. WhatsApp this pic to your sis/cousins and close friends who’ll be around you that day.



Big Towel – preferably of thin material that absorbs water quickly

Hand Towel

Dry tissues

Wet tissues

Straws – to drink water/juices without smudging your lipstick

Water bottle

List of phone numbers on a piece of paper

Enjoy the wedding and handover the worries to wedding planners!

Website: http://www.teluguwedding.com/

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