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Posted By Danvi Shah on 06/04/2019

Surat Textile

Surat Textile

    SURAT–Textile city of Gujarat

       Textiles are prospering industry in the state of Gujarat. This commercial feeds large variety to the end consumers and sellers. It mainly depends on components like raw material, different blends of yarn and effective production techniques. 


     Surat,an emerging city in the state of Gujarat, is known as the textile city of Gujarat. The textile industry of Surat is one of the oldest and most widespread in Surat. Better part of city's population is engaged with this industry. 


The city has various textile markets which exist since yesteryear. Famous markets like Bombay Market, Millenium Market, JJ Textile Market and so on are working inimitable with back-and-forth competition. Several other markets here are only concerned with manufacturing. Surat's growth in textile market is considerably high.


One of the main reasons behind the growth of Surat's textile industry is the city's ability to adapt to changes and the latest trends. The city is quick to respond to any changes in the preferences of people.The industrialists here have strong entrepreneurial skills. 


The Surat textile industry has gone through various setbacks also. Most of the traders have fixed group of clients with whom they trade. Also here most of the business is done on credit basis. In 2006, due to floods the textile market faced huge loss. Most of the textile shops were damaged in these flood and total loss was heavy. However,the city has always been quick to rise from these setbacks.

The rising cost of power and labour, which consequently raises the cost of production is another issue faced by the Surat textile industry.Most of the labour employed in this industry is unskilled. The industry faces shortage of skilled labour. Also the technique needs to be updated.

SURAT'S MMF (Man-Made Fibre):

Surat is the biggest centre of MMF (man-made fibre) in India. It is the largest manufacturer of clothes in India, and Surti dress material can be found in any state of India. It has a total of 381 dyeing and printing mills and 41,100 power-loom units. Around 65% of India's man-made fabric production is done in Surat. The city expects a growth rate of 15-20% in man-made fabric demand in the near future. Now the city is focusing on increasing the exports of its textile. 


The Surat Zari Craft is a textile product of Surat district in Gujarat,India, which is made from yarns of silk and cotton mixed with gold, silver or copper. The zari threads are used to make intricate designs by weaving into generally silk fabrics. The Surat Zari is either woven on cloth or hand embroidered to form fabric borders or used as part on the body of the cloth. The zaris made in Surat are of two types - the real metallic zari made with gold and few pure metals, and the imitation zari is woven with plastics.


In spite of certain drawbacks, the city occupies a major position in textiles. Hence, the future of the Surat textile industry does look bright. 

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